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    The National Latino Peace Officers Association (NLPOA) North Los Angeles County Chapter is as non-profit organization composed of local, state and federal, law enforcement officers as well as business owners, community leaders, political representatives and volunteers from across various parts of the state. In addition, The board of directors who represent the chapter are volunteers whom receive no financial compensation for their time.

    The focus of the association is to give back to those communities who are less fortunate, as well as to mentor youth ( of all races and gender) who are facing challenges in their lives.Your donations are utilized to provide assistance and support to several of those challenged communities. Some of the past events that have been sponsored and/or supported by the chapter include:

Children's Hospital Los Angeles yearly toy give aways, City of Hope Hospital yearly toy give aways, Lupus Run for Life event, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention March, Equipment support for soldiers stationed in Iraq, Bicycle Helmet give aways, Car Seat give aways in various parts of Los Angeles County, and the " First 5" Los Angeles. For a list of additional events supported, please visit the past events on our website. It is only through your support that the chapter is able to continue with these critical types of community events. Whether you donate one dollar or one hundred dollars, every dollar donated goes to a worthy cause. Your donations continue to support those whom are less fortunate. 

    If you are a business entity, association or individual who is in good standing with their community, and would like to partner with our chapter, please feel free to contact any of our Board of Directors. 

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