Greetings everyone. Please join me in thanking Deputy Miguel Balderama for his heroic actions and dedication to the public the he serves. Below is a summary of the incident. 

    On December 13, 2009, at approximately 0305 hours, North Los Angeles County Chapter member - Los Angeles County Deputy Miguel Balderama- responded to a radio call of a residential fire in the City of Compton. Upon arriving, Deputy Balderama along with assisting personnel found that the residence was fully engulfed in flames. The deputies were informed by the owner of the residence (Guillermo) that his wife was still trapped inside. Deputy Balderama along with assisting deputies quickly moved into action and attempted to gain entry into the residence but were unsuccessful due to the intense heat and smoke from the flames. The deputies then attempted to gain entry  into other portions of the residence via the doors and windows but were also unsuccessful because the doors and windows were secured with metal security bars.  Knowing that time was of the essence, Deputy Balderama then immediately attempted to extinguish the flames with a garden hose but was unsuccessful due to the

magnitude of the fire. 

     Deputy Balderama along with assisting deputies then vigorously worked to gain entry into the residence via the bedroom window near the bedroom where Guillermo’s wife was last seen. The deputies were ultimately successful in gaining entry by managing to collapse the wall near the bedroom window. 

    The Deputies and firefighter personnel subsequently located Guillermo’s wife, who was  unconscious and unresponsive, underneath her bed. She was subsequently carried out of the residence to safety through a broken window. Upon carrying her to safety, Guillermo advised the deputies that his 14 year son (Emilio) who suffers from Downs Syndrome was also trapped inside. Emergency personnel then reentered the residence and found Emilio crouched in the corner, also unconscious and unresponsive. Emilio was found to have suffered burns to over 20 percent of his body. Both mother and son were subsequently transported to a local hospital for smoke inhalation and burn related injuries, and were listed in serious but stable condition.

    Thanks to the quick and decisive response of Deputy Miguel Balderama and assisting personnel, the lives of the 2 victims were saved. Deputy Balderama’s heroic actions are true examples of the professionalism, dedication and commitment to the community that he serves.

Oscar Mejia,


    On 04-01-2011 at approx: 1315 hours, NLPOA chapter member Charles Mooney was working as contracted, uniformed Security for the Hollywood Business Improvement District/ Andrews International, at 6801 Hollywood blvd. ste# 169 Hollywood CA. 90028 (323) 465-0122. Mooney is a retired Inglewood police officer. 

    At approx: 1310 hours, Mr. Mooney responded to a radio call at 1413 vine street (McDonalds) regarding a fight in the customer restroom. Upon arriving, the manager of the business ( Mr. Jose Gutierrez) informed Mooney that a customer told him that a fight was taking place inside the restroom. The manager made several unsuccessful attempts to open the restroom door via electronic device. During this time, an elderly women approached Mooney and stated that her 75 year old husband had been in the restroom for a long time and that she was concerned for his safety. Mooney and his partners then sprang into immediate action and made several attempts to open the restroom door by physically trying to push it open. They determined, however, that the door was being blocked by someone inside of the restroom. Eventually, Mooney was able to place his upper torso and right foot between the door frame and then partially opened door. Upon doing so, Mooney observed the suspect blocking the door from the inside with his foot. He also observed the suspect holding a 75 year old victim in a choke hold as they both were laying on the floor of the restroom.


    The 75 year old victim was struggling with the suspect in an attempt to free himself and preventing the suspect from choking him to death.  Knowing that immediate action was necessary in order to prevent serious injury or harm to the 75 year old elderly victim, Mooney and his partner were successful in their joint effort of forcing the door open and subsequently freeing the victim from the suspects grasp. Mooney and his partner subsequently subdued the suspect and waited for the arrival of the Los Angeles Police Department, who eventually took custody of the suspect. 


    During the investigation, the victim informed Mooney that he had been struggling with the suspect for about 10 minutes inside the bathroom, and that at one point the suspect had forced the victims pants down below his buttock area. The victim stated that he almost passed out several times, but that he was able to struggle with the suspect until Mooney's arrival. There was indications that the suspect was trying to rape the 75 year old victim.   


    Had it not been for Mooney's quick and decisive actions, there is a high probability that the victim could have been serioulsy injured and/ or raped by the suspect. Mooney's court testimony on this case also played a significant role in the conviction of the suspect. Based on Mooney's actions, the NLPOA chapter would like to recognize him in a formal setting for his heroic actions and contribution to the citizens of Los Angeles. The family is very grateful.


"You are never strong enough that you don't need help."

Cesar Chavez